Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Enter: The Wolf King!

Every great story needs a great villain. I remember as a kid watching the Walt Disney version of Pinocchio, the whole time just waiting to see the villainous whale Monstro at the end. A good villain gives a story suspense and something for the hero to gain victory over.

So here is our story's villain...the Wolf King! An old powerful timber wolf that commands a small army of wolves in the forest that Winter Fox finds himself in. He is huge...about twice the size of a normal wolf and he rules the forest pretty ruthlessly...think of him like the head of a mafia.

As the main antagonist you will notice he is basically the opposite of winter fox in most ways. I wanted him to look sort of primitive and beast-like, however he is very well spoken and intelligent as you will see in the story. I think that makes a good contrast for a villain. This character was probably the hardest for me to design so far. A villain has to look really cool...almost as cool as the hero. I didn't feel I could go any farther with the illustrations until I finished this guys is important for the story. Also there are wolves in a lot of children's stories. I wanted the Wolf King to look different from the illustrated wolves I have seen before.

So how will a small fox overtake this powerful wolf and his army? Stay tuned.....


  1. Nice! I love his sly smile and pridefully sneaky stance.

  2. That is so cool Jeff. I like his crown.

  3. Love it. Super cool and creepy too!

  4. Wow! I really love the design of this character. Wolves were always my favorite as a kid... and even though this is clearly a villain, I think you've done them justice, because he is awesome. I sort of want a print of him to hang in my house.

  5. When are you going to release the book